Medical Detox in Richardson, TX

Once you make the decision to come off of drugs or alcohol, you will usually start with a medical detox in Richardson. This is a center that will provide detox for drugs and alcohol with an approach to keeping you medically safe while you withdraw from the substances you are on. Symptoms from withdrawal can range from uncomfortable to life threatening, and this is why a short stay in a center for medical detox is often necessary at the beginning of your sober journey. Detox for drugs and alcohol is generally short, and you will move on to a different facility once you are physically free from the substances you were addicted to.

Understanding Medical Detox in Richardson

A center for medical detox helps you deal with the unpleasant and sometimes life threatening symptoms that come from withdrawing from drugs or alcohol. Detox for drugs and alcohol often starts with a stay being monitored by a doctor and nursing staff to make sure that you are withdrawing safely from the substances you are addicted to.

You may be provided with certain prescription medications, supplements, or nutrition in order to safely withdraw from substances. In addition, you will be watched carefully for signs that you are in medical distress because of your withdrawal.

Withdrawal Symptoms Associated with Medical Detox in Richardson

When you go to a center for medical detox, the severity of your symptoms can go from mild to extreme, depending on a number of factors. The substances you are withdrawing from, how long you were using, and your overall physical health. Withdrawal symptoms associated with medical detox in Richardson include:

  • Extreme discomfort, sweating, and stomach pain when detoxing from opiates such as heroin or prescription pain medications.
  • Mood instability when withdrawing from stimulants such as cocaine.
  • Tremors, seizures, hallucinations and even coma when trying to withdraw from alcohol, which is often the most dangerous substance to withdraw from.
  • Benzodiazepine addiction requires a center for medical detox because withdrawal can be life threatening.

Withdrawal symptoms from any substance can produce symptoms that are frightening. Withdrawing on your own without entering our program for relapse prevention in Richardson will often lead to failure. To avoid the discomfort of a drug withdrawal, it's important to seek the help you need before you begin the process on your own.

Why It's Dangerous to Try to Detox at Home Instead of In a Center for Medical Detox

When you don't get the support you need while trying to detox for drugs or alcohol, you run the risk of a fast relapse. Withdrawal can be very difficult, and alcohol withdrawal is often the worst. When you try to detox at home, you can encounter serious issues, even death.

When you are nervous about medical detox in Richardson, you may be more likely to continue using substances to avoid a painful withdrawal period. In addition, if you are several days into a detox at home, you may no longer be thinking clearly. You may be in serious danger, yet unable to get the help you need because you don't have the ability to call for help.

Why You Should Enter a Medical Detox in Richardson

If you are addicted to certain drugs, or you can't withdraw from alcohol on your own, it's time to begin treatment programs in Richardson that help you. The first step in recovery is to withdraw from the substance you are abusing. This often requires supervision and plenty of support in order to be successful. To avoid a dangerous situation, you may need medical detox.

If you have been a heavy drinker for a long time and can't withstand short periods without alcohol in your system, you will need to be supervised carefully as you withdraw from alcohol.

When you are ready to get your life back from drugs and alcohol, it's time to enter a treatment facility that can help you. The first step is always detox, whether it is medically supervised or not.

If you are not coherent at the time of your admittance to drug rehab, the facility will closely monitor you while you withdraw. When you can't clarify what you are detoxing from, you may end up in a medical detox whether it is necessary or not. Call us now for more information (469) 356-2931.

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