Prescription Drug Rehab in Richardson, TX

The need for prescription drug rehab in Richardson can come on very slowly, without the individual even realizing they have a problem. As prescription drugs are legal, many addicts start off using the medication exactly as it was prescribed. When the medication produces a high that is enjoyable to the patient, this can lead to taking more of the legal drug than was prescribed.

Those that get addicted to prescription drugs generally start out innocently trying to recover from an illness or injury. The need for drug and alcohol rehab at a prescription drug addiction rehab center is often needed once the use of the medication gets out of control.

Understanding Prescription Drug Addiction and the Need for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Prescription drug rehab in Richardson is common. People who begin to use medication as prescribed may find that they enjoy the high produced from taking the medication. While a person who doesn't have addictive tendencies may not struggle with pain medications or benzodiazepines, even those without an addiction history can get seriously addicted.

Once a prescription medication is being used in a way not prescribed by a doctor, this is considered a problem. Left untreated, this can lead to a serious dependence on the drug which will require drug and alcohol rehab to overcome.

Warning Signs and Symptoms of the Need for Prescription Drug Rehab in Richardson

If you are worried that you might need a prescription drug addiction center, or you are worried about a loved one who may need drug and alcohol rehab, it's time to consider the warning signs and symptoms that can occur. If you start to need the medication you are prescribed earlier than you are allowed, your body may be coming addicted.

When you start to take the medication early, a problem is starting. If you no longer care what the prescription bottle says and you take the medication when you think you need it, you are addicted to the prescription drug and may need rehabilitation in order to stop.

If your loved one has been acting different since being prescribed pain medication after a surgery, they may need help. If you notice lethargy, confusion, or irritability, they may be abusing the prescription medication.

While you can ask about pain medications and other addictive prescription drugs, you will probably not get a straight answer. If the responses you receive are vague regarding prescription drug use or your loved one gets very upset, you may need to investigate further.

Health Risks for Those Who Suffer from Prescription Drug Addiction

There are numerous health risks for those that suffer from prescription drug addiction and need help at a prescription drug addiction rehab center. Taking too much medication can lead to confusion, seizures, lethargy, and can create dangerous situations.

In addition, pain medications and other addictive prescription medications can cause long term damage to the body. Too much medication can lead to stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure, mental health disorders, certain cancers, and more. When you are addicted to prescription drugs, it's time to get help before damage is done to your body.

Treatment Options at a Prescription Drug Addiction Rehab Center

Treatment for a prescription drug addiction begins with medical detox in Richardson. You will need to withdraw from the substance, and this can be very difficult. Your treatment team may require a medical detox, where you will be carefully monitored for withdrawal symptoms. Once you have successfully withdrawn from the substance, you might enter a prescription drug addiction rehab center to continue the drug and alcohol rehab work you have started.

Your treatment team may suggest a short term stay at sober living in Richardson, if you don't have the support network you need in the community to stay sober. In addition, you may attend a program on a full time, inpatient basis, or begin treatment by going to a program as an outpatient during the day and returning home at night.

Your success in drug rehab will depend on your commitment to your own sobriety. As you work through each step of your recovery, it's important to be honest with your providers. Build yourself a strong support network by participating in treatment and paying attention to what others have to say. When you are struggling with an addiction to prescription pain medication, help is there waiting for you. Give us a call now for help (469) 356-2931.

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