Relapse Prevention in Richardson, TX

When you have successfully attended drug detox, it's time to focus on relapse prevention in Richardson. Relapse prevention for addiction involves a commitment on the part of the addict, as relapse prevention programs only work when the addict works hard on their own sobriety. If you are recently sober, it is time to consider what your next step in your journey is going to be.

When you have gone through detox and gone through your physical withdrawal, it's time to start working on the problems and behaviors that led to your addiction in the first place.

Understanding Relapse Prevention in Richardson

Relapse prevention refers to the process of understanding drug addiction, and what you can do to prevent a relapse from occurring. Relapse generally happens over time, and it begins with a slow slide. First you'll begin to skip meetings or therapy, and you'll start thinking you don't need as much treatment to stay sober.

Your commitment to sobriety will wane, and this is when you are at risk to relapse. When you understand the warning signs, you may know when it's time to get involved in relapse prevention programs for your own sobriety. When you know what relapse prevention for addiction involves, you have a better chance of remaining sober.

Relapse Prevention in Richardson and Relapse Statistics in the United States

Relapse rates for adults who have attended relapse prevention programs is still common. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 40-60% of all addicts who get clean will eventually relapse.

Those that are committed to relapse prevention programs, such as residing in a community for sober living in Richardson, are less likely to relapse than those who seek no treatment once they have gone through detox.

Warning Signs of the Need for Relapse Prevention Programs

An individual who may be in need of further relapse prevention work will often begin to say that they no longer need any treatment. Their commitment to sobriety may begin to wane.

If you are starting to feel as though you could probably take a drink without any problem, are having dreams that you are intoxicated, or you begin to glamorize your drug addiction, it may be time to commit once again to relapse prevention for addiction.

As soon as a person shows signs of a lack of commitment, that is usually when they need the most help. Relapse prevention in Richardson involves getting help before you turn to substances. The emotional need to use substances starts first, meaning you aren't going to simply pick up a drink or drug because it looks fun. You need to pay attention to your thoughts and behaviors to prevent a relapse from occurring.

Relapse Occurs in Stages

For true relapse prevention for addiction, it's important to know the stages described in relapse prevention programs. The first stage is emotional relapse, followed by mental relapse, and finally physical relapse. You can go through the stages of relapse in a day, week or year, but the sooner you seek relapse prevention treatment programs in Richardson, the better off you will be.

In the first stage, you may be irritable, angry, defensive and you won't want to ask for help. This is generally a hard stage to ask for help because your anger can feel overwhelming. At this stage you are setting yourself up for a relapse if you don't change your thoughts and behaviors.

In the second stage, you are at war with yourself. Part of you wants to use, while the rest of you knows you need to stay sober. It is critical at this stage to ask for help or you are going to relapse. In the final stage, you may find yourself finding the drugs or alcohol that you crave, and you start to use again.

Relapse is a part of recovery. Once you focus on relapse prevention for addiction by attending relapse prevention programs, you are better able to understand the need for help when you start to show signs of emotional relapse.

Once you have the support you need, it is easier to reach out in times that are stressful. Just because you want to use, doesn't mean you are in a full blown relapse. Take a step back and look for ways that you can practice some self care. Talk with a friend who understands. Look for relapse prevention in Richardson, and learn new ways to cope with your desire to use drugs or alcohol. Call us now for help (469) 356-2931.

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