Sober Living In Richardson, TX

When you need a supportive living situation as you work hard to recover after drug rehab, it's important to find a sober living community where you can continue the work of staying sober. It isn't easy to live a life off of drugs or alcohol when you are an addict. Sober living in Richardson is a way to maintain the progress you have made and to learn how to live a life free from drugs or alcohol through peer support and guidance.

Understanding Sober Living in Richardson, Texas

Sober living in Richardson involves living with others who are committed to staying free from substances. There may be many rules in the program, and you may find a sober living community overwhelming at first. After you attend our drug rehab in Richardson and you are no longer addicted to substances, the real work of emotionally becoming detached from drugs begins.

Most sober living communities follow the SMART program, which is an acronym for Self-Management and Recovery Training. This a specific program designed to help those struggling from a drug addiction to become free from substances and to live a more productive, happier life.

This is not a twelve step program such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. The focus is on independence from addiction, starting with building motivation and strengthening one's resolve to recover after drug rehab.

SMART teaches how to cope with urges, how to live a more balanced life, and how to better manage thoughts, feelings and behaviors in an effort to remain substance free. There are face to face meetings, as well as online support groups for those following the SMART method of recovery. All meetings are free, and are meant to provide support, guidance and education for those who are trying to recover from addiction and have chosen SMART as the way of recovery.

Choosing Sober Living in Richardson vs. a Halfway House

A sober living community offers some of the same benefits as a halfway house. Both provide treatment for those suffering from addiction, and provide a community living environment that is structured. Each type of residence aims to transition people from rehab back into the community.

A sober living community has more benefits for those who have not had any legal trouble and are not court mandated to attend treatment. Sober living in Richardson, Texas is generally for those who aren't forced into treatment.

This creates an environment that is much more conducive to healing from addiction. Those that successfully complete drug rehab and move on to sober living often find a great community of peers to get support and guidance from.

While you may not want to live outside of your home, a sober living community will give you the constant guidance you need in order to recover from your addictions successfully. Roommates in sober living in Richardson often build lifelong friendships. These friendships are vital throughout the recovery process, as staying sober takes peer support throughout the journey.

The Importance of Entering a Sober Living Community

Staying sober is hard. When you complete rehab, this is just the beginning of your journey. If you try to acclimate back into the community too quickly without proper treatment, you run the risk of returning to addiction. In sober living, you will grow your support network and learn the tools you need to stay drug and alcohol free.

It's a good transition between drug rehab and living independently. As you meet friends, together you will talk about problems and ways to overcome them. Drug addiction treatment in Richardson often involves a variety of approaches. As you build a support network, you will add treatment providers to that network. You'll want to find a therapist comfortable with drug addiction treatment so that you have a strong team behind you.

Sober living in Richardson takes time and effort. When you surround yourself with others going through the same struggle, you will have a better chance at success. You will need to be committed to your sobriety so that you don't start hanging out with the same old friends. The buddies you hung out with while you were using drugs won't understand your recovery, and they can sabotage your progress.

Treatment in sober living will give you the time you need to develop friendships that are a positive influence on you, giving you the strength you need to live a healthier, happier life. When you are serious about your recovery, it's time to consider your options and call us today (469) 356-2931.

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